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Join us on our radio show, Supernatural Girlz, for the latest on paranormal news and listen in on compelling interviews with supernatural guest from this world... and others.  Check us out at!

​October 18, 2016

Press Release

Hit Radio Show Supernatural Girlz Reaches 2.3 Million Listeners​

Boston, MA:  Supernatural Girlz, “Where Paranormal is Normal,” (, a hit internet radio show covering supernatural topics, has surpassed 2.3 million live listeners. Supernatural Girlz is in the top 2% of all shows, on Stitcher, which is host to a variety of 40,000 shows.  The archived episodes of Supernatural Girlz have been downloaded almost a million times from their website. Since the show’s move from Blog Talk Radio to Inception Radio Network in June 2015, Supernatural Girlz’ audience has grown exponentially.

The show is hosted by paranormal researcher and expert, Patricia Baker and is co-hosted by numerologist Patricia Kirkman, (PK). Originally the show was created by Patricia Baker in 2013 and co-hosted by famed psychic medium Helene Olsen.  Olsen passed away from cancer in 2015 and Baker continued the show with PK.

Supernatural Girlz is known for interviewing the top guests in the paranormal field; from experts on UFOs and alien abductions to witches and shamanistic healers.  Some of the show’s stellar guests include Michael Chaplin, son of Charlie Chaplin and author of A Fallen God, Uri Geller, a world renowned psychic, known best for bending spoons telekinetically, and for his work with the Mossad and CIA; and NY Times best-selling author Ben Mezrich, author of The 37th Parallel, which exposes UFO sightings along the 37th parallel.  Mezrich is best known for writing the books that the movies 21 and The Social Network were based on. 

“We’ve seen an explosion in our listening audience in the past year,” explains host Patricia Baker.  Their audience is quite impressive – very intelligent – and they ask insightful questions that make everyone think more deeply about the topic of the evening

 Supernatural Girlz airs live Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00 PM EDT on Inception Radio Network, (  Other ways to listen to the show are through Google Play, iTunes, Nobex Radio, Roku and Shoutcast. Past shows can be downloaded from the archives on the Inception Radio Network and Supernatural Girlz websites.  Supernatural Girlz is on Facebook, and Twitter @SupernaturalGlz.  To join their paranormal audience, visit:

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